How it works


I tend to work from digital photographs, either my own or those supplied on commission. Due to the fact that we live on a boat in Europe half the year this is the easiest way to work and communicate.

I much prefer ‘quirky’ subjects with movement to straight on portraits, people caught unaware in the street or cafes for example, or random family groups.

I then draw the pencil outline onto the size of canvas requested or the size l feel the painting should be.

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From there...

From there...

From there...

The painting is then built up in layers from the background to foreground in several stages.

On a commission l may contact the client to show them half way to make sure l’m on the right track!

I try to keep the painting as ‘loose’ as possible, if it gets too tight it's lost the flow.

A copy is then emailed for approval.

The painting is then couriered to you.

From there...

From there...

Pictures are all painted on 100% cotton or linen canvas in a mix of Acrylic and watercolour, can be left just on the stretcher or framed with or without a mount for an additional cost dependant on size.

Copies of all my paintings (except private commissions) can be supplied as canvas prints, again on stretchers or mounted and framed.

Please call or email with any queries.