Commission & Pricing


As I work from photographs, it's very important that the photos you provide  are high resolution and show plenty of detail. The more detail I can see, the more detail will be in the final painting. The photograph also needs to be taken from the position you would like the subject painted in and clearly show their face.

What size?

 If you would like lots of detail in the finished painting I recommend a minimum canvas size of 12" x 16" for a singular portrait. For portraits with more than two people or animals I would suggest around 16" x 24". 

Group scenes tend to require a larger canvas however all sizes are available.  

How long does it take?

The turnaround for a painting is approximately 3-5 weeks from the initial format sketch to the finished piece.

On approval the painting will then be couriered.

Sizes and pricing

I usually create my portraits on a minimum canvas size of 16" x 12". However I can create larger or smaller paintings  based on your own personal requirements.  As a rough guide, I have included some prices to the right.  If you would like a quote based on a specific size or have other requirements then please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

Size options

Prices start from £200

16” x 12”
16" x 24"  
32” x 24”   

Materials and framing

I use high quality water colour and acrylic paint on canvas. Paintings are supplied unframed, however they can be framed at an additional cost (depending on size and frame style). 

This can be organised at either the beginning or end of the process.